NMR (H NMR & C13 NMR) (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy)


Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a physical phenomenon in which nuclei in a magnetic field absorb and re-emit electromagnetic radiation.

1) Specification: Proton NMR and Carbon NMR both services available. Solvent: D2O, CDCl3, Chloroform & DMSO can be used.

2) Sample: Solid as well as Liquid samples can be analysed.

3) Quantity: 30 mg

4) Time required (Tentative): 12 days

Note: 1) Specify the solubility of sample on label from any of these solvent i.e. D2O, CDCl3, Chloroform & DMSO.

Note: 2) Sample to be packed in either small Polybag or plastic container. Avoid packing in Glass container to overcome breakage issue

Equipment details

NMR (H NMR & C13 NMR) (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy)

Equipment Details:

Model: Avance 300

Make: Bruker, Switzerland

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