MS (Mass Spectrometry)


Mass spectrometry (MS) is an analytical technique that produces spectra (singular spectrum) of the masses of the atoms or molecules comprising a sample of material. The spectra are used to determine the elemental or isotopic signature of a sample, the masses of particles and of molecules, and to elucidate the chemical structures of molecules.

1) Specification: Mass spectrometry works by ionizing chemical compounds to generate charged molecules or molecule fragments and measuring their mass-to-charge ratios.

2) Sample: Solid as well as Liquid samples can be analysed.

3) Quantity: 30 mg

4) Time required (Tentative): 12 days

Note 1): Provide the tentative molecular weight range for scanning mass spectra.

Note 2): Sample to be packed in either small Polybag or plastic container. Avoid packing in Glass container to overcome breakage issue

Equipment details

MS (Mass Spectrometry)

Equipment Details:

Model: Quatropole

Make: Waters, Switzerland

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